Little Baby Composite Package
























































Congratulations on the safe arrival of your new baby! Now take some time out from the whirlwind of visitors and come along to my cosey little studio and watch your beautiful bundle of joy have their very first photoshoot.


I recommend babies visit the studio as soon as possible after birth, preferably within the first 14 days while they are still sleepy and flexible.Your package will include up to two hours in studio, family and/or sibling photo's if required, baby on his/her own AND all your images in digital format with full printing rights.



I have lots of tiny handmade outfits, wraps and accessories  in the studio BUT would you like to know a secret? All the props are digital! I will photograph your baby in a specialist beanbag, designed to safely support them and add them to a dgital backdrop in post production.














Not only is this much safer for baby, but it also alows me to add wonderous veriety to your gallery with minimal contact. In order to create these digital composite images, it is important that your session is carefully planned in advance so please let me know your prefered colour pallet as soon as possible. You can choose from traditional blues (dark or baby blue), pinks (Bright or pastel), purples/lilacs, neautrals (whites and creams), grey, yellow and warm earthy/autumnal tones like browns and reds as well as seasonal themes like spring/Easter, Valentines, Autumn, Halloween and of course Christmas.

You're welcome to bring anything you would like included in your session, including outfits, toys and keepsakes but it would be handy to know any special requests in advance so I can incorporate them into my session plan.








All my outfits, props and accessories are washed and sanitised between sessions. I always wear a face mask and wash my hands and use hand sanitiser before and during all my sessions. If you would prefer me to use gloves when handling your baby, just let me know.Sessions are 100% baby led with breaks for feeding, changing and cuddles so they can take anything up to 3 hours so make sure you bring everything baby may need during this time, including extra feeds if you are bottle feeding, in case they are required to help baby settle, as well as snacks and drinks for yourselves.









I like to take the family/sibling photos first so you're more than welcome to bring wellies and coats if you feel it would be beneficial for restless siblings to go for a stomp around the farm* while baby has their photo's taken. (Please note that one adult will need to stay with baby at all times) You're welcome to bring along some quiet toys for siblings to play with.






*Please note that our package price does not include entrance to the Jimmy's Farm Park.



All inclusive package £499

(£50 Non refundable Deposit required)

NO "session fees". NO minimum spend contracts. NO extortionately priced print packages. NO hidden costs. NO catch!


(Straight out of camera)

Digital composite.