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Child/Family Mini Packages From £49 (4 months +)



Little Sitter's £50

(Available Monday-Friday)


For Little Wattsits who can sit unaided but who are not yet walking. A mini 10-15 min session & unlimited digital images. We have a selection of extremely cute outfis in studio or you're welcome to provide your own.


Coming soon! Little Vintage Sitter's!


(50% non refundable/non transferable deposit required)

Little Sitter portrait Little Sitter age 7 Months Little Sitter Portrait Little Sitter age 7 Months

Toddler's & Pre Schooler's £75

(Available Monday-Friday)


For Little Wattsits who are toddling - age 4/not yet in full time education. A 20 min session & unlimited digital images.


(50% non refundable/non transferable deposit required)

Child/Family Portrait Package £99

(Available Monday-Saturday)


A simple & affordable way to update the family photo album. Up to 30 mins in studio and unlimited digital images.


(50% Non refundable/non transferable deposit required)

Sibling portrait photography Family portrait Ffamily portrait photography Family portrait

Hints and tips: The backdrop will be white so wear something bright! For all our family sittings, we recommend you try and co-ordinate your outfits so no one in particular stands out. We suggest wearing similar tones and colours and try to avoid harsh patterns, character tops and large logo's that will date your images faster. You may be asked to sit on the floor so avoid short skirts and please bear in mind that you will be asked to remove shoes and socks so make sure your feet are clean!

Extended Family Package £175


Get the whole family together for a fun filled photo shoot and create some wonderful memories to treasure always.

Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins and even the family pets are welcome to join in. We can fit up to 12 people in studio but depending on the age and therefore size of the participants, there may be some exceptions to this rule. (If your group consists of more than 12, a location package may be more suitable. Details of which can be found on the next page)

Your package will include up to 60 mins in studio AND unlimited digital images. During these sessions we aim to take various combinations of each family unit as well as a big group photo.


(50% Non transferable/Non refundable deposit required)

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