Child/Family Mini Package £125





A simple & affordable way to update the family photo album. Up to 30 mins in studio on a simple white backdrop AND unlimited digital images.









(50% Non refundable/non transferable deposit required)

Sibling portrait photography Family portrait Ffamily portrait photography Family portrait

Hints and tips: The backdrop will be white so wear something bright! For all our family sittings, we recommend you try and co-ordinate your outfits so no one in particular stands out. We suggest wearing similar tones and colours and try to avoid harsh patterns, character tops and large logo's that will date your images faster. You may be asked to sit on the floor so avoid short skirts and please bear in mind that you will be asked to remove shoes and socks so make sure your feet are clean!

NO "session fees". NO minimum spend contracts. NO extortionately priced print packages. NO hidden costs. NO catch!