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So that's why Little Wattsits operates slightly differently to most companies in that I don’t charge you for your photoshoot & then again for your photographs because ALL the packages are ALL-INCLUSIVE which means they include both your photoshoot AND unlimited digital images!


You simply receive every usable image, professionally edited & emailed to you within 14 days of your session.

All of my packages also include the printing rights which allows you to use, share and print your photos as much as you like, where ever you like!


From the moment you book with me, you know exactly how much it's going to cost you.

I look forward to hearing from you & capturing some wonderful memories for you to treasure forever.

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My name is victoria and I am a child & family Photographer specialising in newborn photography.


Many moons ago I A level photography at college, (in the days before digital photography & "Photoshop"). Although I enjoyed it, I never dreamed it would ever be my profession & so it  continued to be a much-loved hobby throughout my early 20's, while I trained to work with  children, from newborns to teenagers, with the eventual plan of becoming a midwife. Then 12 years ago when my eldest was born, my parents gave me my first "proper" digital camera with a selection  of lenses & various equipment I had no idea how to use. I was  immediately inspired & quicky rediscovered my passion for capturing memories. Over the next few months, I joined every photography group, subscribed to every digital photography magazine,  signed up to every course I could find &  with each step I fell more & more in love!


By the time my second baby was born in 2012, I began photographing my friend's children &  their friend's children in my small home studio, building a portfolio & gaining experience. But very quickly I began to run out of space as my enormous collection of equipment, props &  accessories grew. Everyone LOVED my honest, upfront, transparent all-inclusive pricing &  after hearing many a tales of clients being "stung" by other companies, I believed there had  to be a better way to give people memories they could treasure forever. It was time to take  a leap of  faith & in 2014, I opened my first professional studio. Fast forward a few years  (& a few studios later) here I am, a mother of 3 beautiful children & the owner of my beautiful

dream studio at Jimmy's Farm, Wherstead, doing a job I absolutely adore.



NO "session fees". NO minimum spend contracts. NO extortionately priced print packages. NO hidden costs. NO catch!

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